Promotional Pedometers

As well as our extensive range of promotional sports products, at Brightways we have several promotional products that can keep you and your staff healthy including our range of pedometers. We all know that we should be as active as possible, which is easier said than done as life is becoming more and more sedentary thanks to office jobs and reliance on computers and mobiles to get things done, but wearing a pedometer helps to make you aware of how much you are moving as well as clocking your steps and distance so you can make sure you’re hitting your recommended 10,000 steps.

When you decide what promotional products to use for your brand, you need to bear in mind that it serves as a lasting reminder of your company and play a part in generating positive brand identity. Our promotional pedometers are great quality as well as looking sleek and showing that your brand are concerned about health. As part of our range, we also have eco-friendly solar powered pedometers to show that you are concerned about social responsibility as well as health and wellbeing.

We also have promotional pedometers with radios as well as a model with a built in pulse meter that speaks to you in a female English accent. All our promotional pedometers can be customised with your company’s logo for easy branding. They are the perfect promotional product for health and fitness events and are a good idea for your staff if you are all training for a sponsored walk or run.

To accompany our promotional pedometers, you can also purchase promotional water bottles and sweat bands. To find out more about our products and how to place an order, contact us via our online form.









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