Animal Themed Promotional Products

The UK is a nation of animal lovers- almost half of the population owns a household pet and there are thousands of animal-centric businesses including groomers and bespoke accessory companies. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of promotional products, Brightways have several products that fit animal-based companies perfectly.

For example, our stress relievers are a hugely popular and cost effective item that come in a variety of different styles including pets like spaniel dogs and cats and farm animals like cows and horses, making them an ideal choice for veterinarians and kennels. Our stress relievers can be printed with your company’s name and logo and are made of PU foam so they are long-lasting and look great.

On a more cuddly side, we also have plush key chains and cheerleader teddy bears which are great for animal charities as well as sports teams that have animal mascots. These softer items can be a more suitable option if you are having a promotional giveaway at family-orientated events such as fetes. All of the above mentioned products are light-hearted and are sure to raise a smile as well as being light enough to be transported and distributed easily without getting lost.

As we can customise any product with your logo and company colours, we can tailor other products to your company’s individual brand.

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